Julie Faith McMurray’s Biography

I Started creating art in 2017 a year after my Mum died. Life was stressful and I wanted to find a way to make life better for me and for everyone in my life.

I studied Humanities at the OU and Japanese History, Culture, Art and Language at Birkbeck University in London. I found that both of these courses enriched my life. I found I was really good at Japanese Calligraphy and spent four years writing Japanese so engaging and enjoyable.

I have been involved in art through most of my life. When I was teenager I would help less advantaged children express through art, be it music, painting, sculpture or drawing.

One of my favourite hobbies was helping set up art exhibits at and events. Even though I did not exhibit or do art myself, I loved the diverse artwork that was exhibited.

I always had a passion for books and art and dedicated 25 years of my life to them.

In 2006 I won the “Chesley Award for Contribution to ASFA” in 2006 for my work on the art show and for helping the American and European artists to exhibit in Glasgow.

In 2007 I won an award along with my colleagues for Independent Children’s Bookshop of the Year.

From 2017 I started to create my own art, mostly as a way to help me through grief and illness. Then in 2020 during the Pandemic I started to paint and draw using acrylics, watercolour, pen and ink as well as digital using FlowPaper, Procreate and Photoshop.

Before lockdown I had a few exhibits organised, but just when I was about to set them up they were all cancelled. As fate would have it, I became involved in Art of the New Frontier in Morecambe and now have a 6ft by 4ft Acrylic Painting on the sea front.

In December 2021 and January 2022, I exhibited in the Gregson Community and Art Centre. This gave me a chance learn about exhibiting my own work and I learned quite what Lancaster loves when it comes to my art.

Now I look forward to a future full of Art.


Society for All Artists https://www.saa.co.uk

Kings Street Studio https://www.kingstreetstudios.art/

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