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I joined wordpress back in 2014 but never really posted anything. Like many Social Media accounts it sat dormant until I found a reason to write.

From early in my childhood I had a passion for art and wanted to create art but sadly I could not draw.

Even though I could not draw I would inspire other to create art through my volunteer work. At the local community centre, I would volunteer to work with children that needed external help to create. Be it blind or death, unable to walk or move, I would help children my age to paint pictures, build structures create music and make textured art to touch and feel. They loved it.

I discovered art through various avenues be it museums & galleries and books or via my Humanities studies with the OU and my Japanese, Language, History and Cultural studies with Birkbeck. The Humanities course taught me how to study the history of art and write an essay or study the Unwitting testimonies of Art. My Japanese studies I learned about the history of art in many forms and also how to write over 400 Kanji. After a Japanese Lady on a train leaned over to her son and asked him to compliment me on my Japanese writing skills, I realised that I had a skill for art. She said “Your writing is so natural like a Japanese person”. I delighted to hear and thanked her humbly.

Over the last 26 years I have been volunteering at Book Conferences and setting up art shows in galleries. The book conferences were mostly science fiction and fantasy although the art did not need to be themed. In fact, the art was wide ranging. I had exhibits of Jewellery, Wood Sculptures, 3D models, Fine art and Illustrative art. Artists from all over the world and different background and education would come to exhibit. The subjects exhibited covered all genres from gothic, space, portrait art to contemporary, modern and political art. I would walk around the exhibits and feel so inspired.

On the 1st Feb 2017 Neil McChrystal invited to do his 28day drawing challenge. Since then I have been doing a piece of art every day. Being able to create has given me so much happiness and Joy.

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