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Amara Goes for a paddle in the Stream

Amara (My Adorable 11 1/4 yr old Siberian Husky) found a new place to have fun with her best friend Stevie the (Whippet/Greyhound Cross). There are many fields and walks plus a stream to play in. She was in Doggy heaven this morning.

1948 Yorkshire

I think this is Yorkshire I can’t really ask them. My Grandma and her sister Maimi with my Dad Allan walking along a street hand in hand. I love this photo because it is so natural and part of every day life. I made it into a jigsaw puzzle so people can put it togetherContinue reading “1948 Yorkshire”

Social Media

I think I’m getting the hang of WordPress, I have finally figured out how to put my social media links onto the webpages. They now appear under the menu tabs. On other news I have been busy uploading pictures onto the website and created different tabs for the types of mediums I am using toContinue reading “Social Media”


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